Dems take over the House

November 6th, 2018 was the date of the midterm elections. Tensions were running high with hatred over President Trump. The midterms were looked to as a time for relieve for the democrats, a time of nervousness for most republicans. With many key races crucial for gaining or keeping control of the Senate and Congress, these elections were a must-watch.

Last Night, after much back and forth on key senate races such as the one in Texas between Beto and Cruz, Republicans were able to remain in control of the senate. Tweeting yesterday in reference to the Senate Election, Trump has stated, “Tremendous success tonight. Thank you to all!” Many other big-name Republicans have also tweeted or were seen making comments expressing their joy in keeping the Senate.

Republicans, however, were slightly less enthusiastic about their numbers in the House of Representatives where Democrats have taken over. Out of the 435 available seats, Dems have been reported to firmly hold 223, only needing 218 in order to gain control. Questions are now being raised as to who will be the new Speaker of House, with many speculating that it will once again be Nancy Pelosi, regardless of the “never Pelosi” democrats who dislike her policies and methods.

Maxine Waters, a congresswoman who has advocated for the stalking of Republicans, may get her big break. Fox News projects her to be congresswoman in control of the country’s finances, a terrifying thought for many Republicans.



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