Why was Trump elected?

So a quick forward before delving into this story. This story is going to be an opinion piece. However, I highly recommend reading this as it preludes to my next story and contains useful information of my beliefs and different points that could be helpful in understanding the severity of the situation in the next article.

George W. Bush is often vilified in the media for his handling of the 9/11 crisis and creating the war on terror. On which points, I believe many Republicans can agree with Democrats. However, Republicans are often steadfast to defend presidents in their political party due to the fact that true Republican presidents are so few and far between that they need something to hold the party together. That being said, Bush was not a true Republican president. Sure he held on to conservative beliefs, but he (objectively) never really argued something. Take the Kavanaugh incident, for example, had Bush nominated him as a Supreme Court Justice, he would have been immediately pulled, Bush believing that he was more harm to his political campaign than good. In fact, it can be argued that Republicans never really wanted Bush to begin with but the third party in that election had hoarded votes away from Al Gore. This leads us to believe that the last chosen Republican president was his father, H.W. Bush, which again is questionable. And even if it was the case, H.W.  was the first republican president after Reagan, which are large shoes to fill, even at the time.

Reagan’s term ended in 1989, turning over to another Republican. This fact in itself proves the content of the citizens and the GOP under Reagan’s reign. And the turning over to Clinton and Obama in 1993 and 2009, proves the dissatisfaction of the GOP and it’s citizens. With all of this being said, many Republican’s could feel that the last time their beliefs and voices were truly heard was 1989.

Fast forward to the 2016 election. We are coming off Obama, which created extremely controversial policies in which the Republicans in the Senate and Congress kind of rolled over and accepted. Trump is out campaigning, a man with zero political background running against candidates who can have their face be the face of the GOP. It seems like a long shot, however the American people nominate him in the primaries. The country is baffled. Everyone is assuming it is some kind of joke, no one takes him seriously. Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Primary. Hillary Clinton is again a face that can be plastered all over the DNC. She is an iconic Democrat. The race seems to be in the bag for her.

At this moment, Conservative voters, for twenty-seven years, feel as though their voice hasn’t been heard. The Republicans were the pacifist party. They didn’t want to fight for what they believed, they didn’t argue, they took everything at face value. Conservatives are fed up with the GOP. Conservatives now have the perfect anti-establishment candidate running for president. It is simply unheard of for someone so against the GOP establishment to get so far. Conservatives also view this man as someone who is fed up, and relate to him on a personal level.

Also around the same time, America is coming off a beautiful historical moment. The first Black president of the United States is finally coming off his eight year term. It was a big change for our country, and a huge leap forward in our social prowess. That being said, people naturally hate change. It is scary, and even when change happens, there will be a kickback, no matter how small, afterwards. It is a natural aspect to life. And no, this does not mean sexist pigs prevented Hillary Clinton from winning the election, it simply means that America was still reeling from this social victory and did not see a need for another large historical change so quickly. Because of this, Hillary could not secure the “Woman Vote” completely, and lost a large part of her anticipated supporters.

Because Hillary could not gain her anticipated supporters, and Trump was able to rally the conservatives together for a vote for the first time in twenty-seven years, it is not a huge surprise that Trump won the election. Analysts could not see the dissatisfaction in the government and the GOP, and they miscalculated the kickback from such a large change in our history. Because of these factors, President Donald J. Trump won the election.

Again thank you for reading this opinion post. This will relate to the next story by talking about the dissatisfaction of our government and our mistrust in it. Both of those factors played a huge role in the 2016 election and will be referenced in the next story.



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