Voter Recount underway in Broward County

Image Credit given to Pintrest


Over the course of the past couple days, Broward County Florida has been making news headlines for a very terrifying reason. Broward, like in the 2000 election between Al Gore and George Bush, is once again having issues with votes. Missing ballots have been “found”, transported illegally in private cars, and when a recount was finally underway, the machines used has detrimental errors, delaying the recount. Critics on both sides argue that the other party is trying to rig the election in Florida, and many key races, such as that of the Senate race, is now hanging in the balance.

Rick Scott, the declared winner on the 6th, has since moved to “likely winner” and is now at “leaning to be the winner”. And whilst this may not seem like a big difference. Let me put it in terms of percent. (There is no basis for the numbers used in this percentage, I am using this to emphasize a point.) Declared winner means you will 100% be the winner. You will be the winner because you are the winner. Likely Winner, on the other hand, is about 80% sure you will win. Still high numbers, and you will probably win unless there is a nuclear bomb dropped on all the election stations and only your opponents tickets survive. Leaning to be the winner, however, is probably a 60% chance you are going to win. In the Senate, you need a two-thirds majority to do a lot of things. Two-thirds is 66%. If this was a Senate bill, Rick Scott would not be governor. And Broward County is still finding more votes, as Rick Scott falls lower and lower. One county in all of Florida has the power to basically remove a confirmed electoral winner, and replace it.

Regardless of party politics, the voter recount and illegal transport and the fact that these votes were ever lost to begin with, harms our voting system. Illegal transport of votes fraudulent or not, undermines our confidence in the legitimacy of these votes and as a result, they cannot be used in an election that is supposed to be 100% accurate and leave voters feeling confident. So let’s through out those votes. Well, the issue with that is the fact that if those are real votes, several thousands of citizens had just lost their voice in the election.

Another fact of the matter is, that not only does this harm voter confidence in Florida, it harms voter confidence in the US government as a whole. They are beginning to find votes in Arizona and other states that have similar scenarios to Broward County. If voter confidence remains on the decline, we could look to never believing in the legitimacy of a president again, and therefore, never believing the President has the right to rule over us as a people, leading to the fall of our democracy.

This story will be part of an unfolding series as we get updates in the election.


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