Government Shutdown over the Holidays

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Over this Christmas, one of the highest times for tourism in DC, the government will be shut down causing many of the attractions in DC to become unavailable. The reason for this shutdown is due to controversy over Border Wall funding. President Donald Trump had refused to sign a bill that did not cover the $5.7 billion needed for his wall, a major campaign promise of his. Senate Democrats, such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer,  turned the bill down flat when it was presented, saying that the wall was racist, and they could never, in good conscious, allow funding for such a thing. The bill passed in the house earlier Thursday, but hope to keep it alive was short-lived, if it had existed at all. Nancy Pelosi had been seen stating that there was no hope to pass the bill in the house, and slim hope of getting it called to even vote on in the Senate.

The government shutdown was said to last until the 27th of December at the least, however new political analysts are saying the shutdown may last until mid-July. The Government had shutdown three days ago and according to, negotiations to reopen the government have been halted for more than 48 hours. It is unclear if negotiations will begin again right after the holiday season or not.


More updates on this story as they come in. Stay tuned!


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