The Government Shutdown will extend into the New Year

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While the January 3rd deadline seems to be looming for many Republicans, the efforts for a compromise between Democrats and Republicans on Border Wall security seems to be non-existent. Those on the Democratic side seem to believe Trump is likely to cave on the border wall, and likely to cave soon in order to salvage his political career for re-election in 2020. However, many career Republicans do not feel this is the case. For starters, most of the supporters of Trump in 2016 were extremely into border wall security. Not to mention, the quick rebound of public opinion after the government re-opens. With two years until re-election, Trump will be free and clear of any political harm from this government shutdown. In the eyes of Trump, he has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Democrats, however, also feel the time is looming for President Trump because, come January 3rd, Democrats will have control over the house. This prevents, if the Democrats choose to do so, the possibility of any bill supporting the border wall funding making it to the President’s desk. This would create an extremely long and dangerous game of chicken, as some federal government employees are still waiting for paychecks and must wait for the government to open in order to receive them.

With the Republicans and Democrats both feeling as though their side is winning the government shutdown, one thing is definitely certain. We should all buckle down because this government shutdown has promised to last quite awhile.


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