Suspect in CA Cop’s killing, caught.

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A Christmas tragedy ravaged the home of Ronil Singh. The California cop was making a routine traffic stop when a man, reported to be Gustavo Perez Arriaga, an illegal immigrant, had shot and killed Cpl. Singh. The LAPD has turned to twitter, displaying pictures of the suspect and flooding the feed with needed thoughts and prayers for the family. Ronil Singh has left a newborn son and a wife at home.

The suspect was seen trying to flee into Mexico, where he would have been safe from persecution. The Officer working the case has said, had it not been for California’s sanctuary cities law, Arriaga’s two prior arrests would have lead to his deportation, and Cpl. Singh would still be with us. Arriaga’s brother and co-worker have also been arrested as they were trying to protect the suspect.

Cpl. Singh was a K-9 cop, and his dog had been locked in the car when he exited his vehicle on a routine traffic stop. Had his dog been with him, the suspect would have been wounded, and easier to capture. Singh’s K-9 is now retired, and has been sent to live at Singh’s home with his wife, and his newborn son.


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