Speculated Candidates of the 2020 Presidential Election

Image Credit: hispanicheritage.org


As the 2020 election looms over our heads, there is a lot of speculations as to who the new 2020 candidates will be. With names being thrown about such as Bernie Sanders, Beto O’Rourke, and Jeff Flake, it seems the primaries will be an interesting time. Here is your guide to the current 2020 speculated candidates.

Joe Biden has been speculated about the most when talking about potential 2020 candidates. Biden has the ability to negotiate well with the other party, which sets him ahead of other candidates. He was also previously a Vice President for Barack Obama, this aides him in the election by providing him with experience holding an extremely high office. Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, runs a Brest Cancer awareness organization named, Biden Breast Cancer Health Initiative. It is a non – profit organization and the main goal is to educate people, free of charge, about Breast Cancer. Therefore, many undecided votes may sway towards Joe Biden because of his wife’s organization. Biden will most likely be the candidate to beat for the Republicans.

Michael Bloomberg is also assumed to be running for president in 2020 as a Democratic candidate. Bloomberg has many plans for limiting climate control if he gets the position. He insists all presidential candidates should have a plan for climate control in 2020. Many voters may change their votes because of his opinion on climate control.

Cory Bookers is another among the Democratic candidates running for the 2020 presidential election. Bookers is a current New Jersey Senator meaning he has more political experience. Although Bookers has previous experience, he does have a past of alleged rape and confessed to molesting a young girl, as well as walking out on political meetings where his views were not popular. He seems very selfish and would probably not be the best fit as a president of the United States.

Richard Blumenthal is Democrat and is also speculated to run for president in 2020. Blumenthal is a Connecticut Senator, meaning he also has experience working in the field and with campaigns.

Concluding the speculated Democratic candidates, although there are more, a few named Republicans have taken up the mantle against Trump. Of these few Republicans is Jeff Flake. Flake was the Senator of Arizona, again, meaning he has the experience it takes to run a good campaign. Jeff Flake is open to Government negotiations and voted for it. Jeff Flake has been known to “flip-flop” on many major political votes, much to the dismay of his Republican Co-workers. One of the major cases he became a swing vote in, was the nomination of Kavanaugh.

As the final Republican candidate that is speculated to be running, is John Kasich. Kasich is the current Ohio Governor. Kasich is also pro – life meaning he does not believe in abortion if the baby has a heartbeat. He was a previous potential republican nominee for President against Trump in 2016, meaning it is likely he may wait until the 2024 election to run again.

Although not all the candidates were mentioned, many of the most probable candidates have been. Some celebrities and public figures have been speculated to run such as; Dwayne Johnson, Mark Zuckerberg, Angelina Jolie, and Mark Cuban.


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