Democrats Step into Power.

Image Credit: @senatorpelosi on


Today, January 3rd, Democrats finally take over the house after they were elected into their respected offices in November. The #bluewave that was reported by many name Democrats shows it’s true colors today as they stepped into the house to find their government still shut down. While Republicans are still holding firm to the idea that they still have a strong and united control over the Senate, blue cracks in that red foundation may become visible in the fight of the border wall.

Nancy Pelosi was named Speaker of the House,  a title she accepts with open arms. She has fought and advocated for this title during the 2018 midterm elections and it has been assumed for some time now that she would be appointed to the office by many major media organizations and political analyzers. She is a strong advocate against the border wall. She had tweeted in response to Trump’s demand for border wall funding, “@realDonaldTrump has the Senate, the White House, and the House (for the moment) under Republican control. He has the power to keep government open – but instead, he says he’s going to shut down the government. #TrumpShutdown”

Democrats in the House and Senate are vowing to stand together and refuse to give Donald Trump a single cent for his border wall. With the majority in the House of Representatives now on their side, they may just be able to block any bill that comes with funding for the border wall, dragging the government shutdown on longer than it should have been.

If this #bluewave is anything like the Democrats are saying, it seems totally feasible that we can expect another blue wave for the 2020 presidential election.

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