Democrat Rep. swears to “Impeach the Motherf*****”

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Rashida Tlaib, a Democratic Representative for Michigan House 13, joined the American history books as the first Palestinian woman to be elected into Congress. Hours later, at a party celebrating her official swearing in, she made headlines– for a very different reason.

Rashida Tlaib ran her campaign on refusing to let “bullies” and “bigots” win. as she was sworn in her son was reported to have come up and whispered in her ear, “see mama, bullies don’t win.” It almost seems ironic, with ideals such as those, that she would use vulgarity and shock-value in order to get someone out of office. Even someone she feels is a “bully” and a “bigot”.

Hours after her official swearing in, at a party made for her with some of her most dedicated followers there, she makes a small speech where she includes the line, “Let’s impeach the motherf*****.” This was in reference to President Trump. Her supporters were all extremely enthusiastic at this claim, cheers and applause erupting around her. However, on a global standpoint her simple vulgarity and bluntness shocked the nation. Many Democrats agree with her and are just as excited as her supporters, but some Democrats and Republicans complain that if a major issue with Donald Trump is that he is unpolished, she is just as unpolished if not more so.

For a congresswoman who based her campaign on giving the power back to the American people and away from “bullies and bigots”, she certainly is running congress with a fire against fire tactic. While that tactic may work against the Koch brothers and other big-name corporations she reportedly took down, the same tactic may not be the best approach against Republicans and Trump. It seems to be perfectly clear, however, that Rashida Tlaib has zero room to complain about unprofessionalism on either side.


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