7-Year Old Girl Killed in Drive-by Shooting

Image Credit: investigationdiscovery.com

On December 30, 2018, Jazmine Barnes, a seven year old resident of Houston, Texas, was shot dead in her mother’s car on the way to a local coffee shop. This seemingly unprovoked attack was a drive-by shooting that occurred in the early hours of the day. Jazmine, her mother, and her three sisters were simply running to the nearby coffee shop to get breakfast and begin prepping for the traditional Sunday dinner. What unfurled next was both disturbing, and puzzling.

The shooting occurred near a Walmart parking lot. According to Jazmine’s mother, LaPorsha Washington, one minute they were driving, and the next a red pickup truck pulled up next to them and opened fire. Washington states that she reached for her daughter in the front seat, since she was the closest and yelled for the others to get down. After the attacker had fled, the family realized that young Jazmine Barnes had been fatally shot in the head.

The suspect is believed to be a white male with no beard, a thin build, and in his 30s-40s. As established above, he drove a red pickup truck during the attack. The suspect is still on the run, and no motive has been made clear. A GoFundMe page for Jazmine’s family has so far raised over $60,000. A vigil was held on Saturday in Jazmine’s honor, where many attendees are hoping and praying the suspect is taken into custody before Jazmine is laid to rest on Tuesday, January 8.


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