Border Wall argument continues.

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On Wednesday, President Donald Trump walked out of a meeting with several Democrat and Republican leaders that were gathered to find a compromise to the border crisis and re-open the government. After it was reported that Nancy Pelosi refused to give Trump the border wall, Trump called the entire meeting a waste of time and left.

It has become apparent to Trump, some say, that Democrats are not willing to negotiate on the border wall, and yesterday he has informed us that he is still keeping declaration of a national emergency on the table. He was in McAllen, Texas yesterday discussing what to do with border wall funding with many border patrol agents. The border patrol agents then made a strong case in favor of President Trump and his wall.

CNN reporter Acosta was reporting on the national crisis at the border yesterday, and he chose a spot with a wall barrier. He then reported that he “did not see any undocumented immigrants” and there “doesn’t seem to be any kind of crisis” He then tweeted that “The steel slats don’t run the entire length of the border in the McAllen area. We found one part where there is a chain link fence. Occasionally migrants come thru but residents say their community is quite safe.” Many Republicans have mentioned that his tweets prove that walls work, seeing as undocumented immigrants came where there was no fencing, but did not where there was.

Today is the first day that federal employees have missed a paycheck, and as a result the pressure on those in Congress is beginning to crack down hard. Protests have come out on many streets demanding the re-opening of our government. Both sides, however, still have their heels dug in and are refusing to budge. We should see soon how the fight over the border wall plays out.


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