Government Shutdown is Longest in History.

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As of yesterday, January 12th, the government shutdown over the border wall has reached the longest government shutdown in history. This surpasses the 21 day shutdown set by the Clinton Administration in 1995.

President Trump does not seem to be moving at all in his position of the necessity of a border wall, tweeting out earlier that “Part of [his campaign] promise was a Wall at the Southern Border. Elections have consequences!” His tweets have been extremely active since yesterday, when federal employees missed their first paycheck of the shutdown. Many Republicans, getting frustrated with the Democrats are calling for Trump to declare a national emergency, something he has not yet ruled out.

Democrats, rather than negotiating for the wall, seem to only be talking about the 800,000 victims going without a paycheck. Much to the dismay of Trump, they seem to almost be daring him to call a national emergency, as they know it will not go through the Supreme Court and he will be met with immediate legal trouble by Democrats. Many Democratic House and Senate members have taken to twitter to start getting citizens to sign petitions against the wall, in order to show Republicans that they have to drop the wall and re-open the government. Many Democrats have promised once the government is opened up, the can open up negotiations with the Republicans and possibly get a border wall on the southern border. However, that trick has been used before on President Ronald Reagan where he was promised border security, and Democrats had backed out.

With this government shutdown already being the longest in American History, any extra days are just going to secure its place. Two things seem to be certain. The government shutdown will last longer than anyone expects, and the Democrats have to drop the whole “non-negotiating” thing in order to get the government re-opened like they so desperately want.

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