Nancy Pelosi attempts to get President Trump to delay State of the Union address.

On January 3rd, the day the Democrats officially took power and Nancy Pelosi became the Speaker of the House, Speaker Pelosi tweeted that she would be delighted to have the President deliver his State of the Union address to Congress on January 26, 2019. She had sent this letter whilst the government shutdown was still in session.

Today, as a result to lack of security funding due to the government shutdown, Nancy Pelosi has once again written the President to delay his SOTU address or have him deliver it in writing and not appear before Congress to give a televised event. (see tweet and letter below)

Due to the fact that the Secret Service and Homeland Security has gone without government funding for 26 days (emergency fund levels are unknown at this time), Nancy Pelosi has suggested delaying the SOTU address until after the government has reopened. Otherwise, the President will not have a televised SOTU address. President Trump has yet to respond.

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