Donald Trump cancels Nancy Pelosi’s Trip abroad.

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Yesterday, January 16th, Nancy Pelosi had sent a letter to Donald J. Trump in an attempt to convince him not to appear on the House floor, due to security concerns and a lack of funding for the Secret Service and Homeland Security. You can read about it here.

In what is widely construed as a retaliation of the effort, President Trump has cancelled Nancy Pelosi’s trip abroad, as she was flying on military aircrafts and there is a large “security concern” in the States. Speaker Pelosi was supposed to leave today on a seven-day trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan.

One hour before the plane was supposed to take off, Speaker Pelosi received a scathing letter from President Trump, informing her that due to security concerns that she brought up, he will no longer let her fly military. She could, however, fly commercial if she still wished to attend her trip abroad. The letter in full, is as follows:

Trump’s letter to Speaker Pelosi, cancelling her trip.

The letter states that her trip can be rescheduled for as soon as the government opens up, either an ode to her letter to Trump or a political ploy to get her to approve border wall funding. Nancy Pelosi and other fellow House Democrats had already packed and boarded the bus for the airport when the letter was received. Luggage was then dumped in the halls of Congress as the bus was unpacked and the trip was cancelled.


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