President Trump offers a ‘Compromise’ to re-open government.

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The government shutdown has officially lasted 29 days, and talked to re-open the government have been in a stalemate since January 9th. The last time Donald Trump and Democratic officials have talked, was in the board meeting where Nancy Pelosi refused to give up anything for the border wall, and Donald Trump walked out of the meeting.

Democratic officials have once offered 25 billion dollars in exchange for DACA. However, the bill only allowed for a slow drip of funds to the border, and gave them full control of where those funds went. That means, at any time, the Democrats could have revoked their original statement promising the money to go directly to the wall, and send the money somewhere else on the border.

Donald Trump held a press conference today at around 4PM EST. In the press conference he said that he had come up with a “compromise to re-open the government”. The compromise includes a three-year legislative hold on DACA and TPS recipients, and that included a three-year amnesty from deportation. He also calls for 25 new immigration judges, and 2,750 more border patrol agents.

In exchange, the President asks for $800 million for the humanitarian crisis and aid for that, $805 million for drug detection, and funding for 215 miles of “Steel Slats”.

The President has called upon Democrats to pass this as it is a “common-sense compromise” and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has agreed to put it to a vote. Seeing as the vote plays out, Trump still may or may not call a national emergency and re-allocate funds to the border wall from the military budget.

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