Teen said to be ‘Taunting’ Elderly Native is exonerated.

Image Credit: wcpo.com

Since the March for Life, a video has been going viral of a young boy in the face of an elderly Native American, taunting him and “smirking”. The young boy was berated by both the left and right wings, and was called numerous names like “racist”.

The young man is a High School student from Covington Catholic High School, and was on a school trip to the annual March for Life. He and his classmates were waiting for the rest of their group on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, doing school cheers, and wearing red MAGA caps. Then, a group of Black Israelites and an elderly Native American war vet, came up to the students and forced their way into the center of the group. The Native American then got in the face of one of the boys, and repeatedly hit a drum right next to his face. The boy had a smirk on his face, but remained otherwise stoic and never even spoke to the man. When he finally did turn and leave, the man inserted himself into the personal space to another young man wearing a MAGA hat.

The Black Israelites lodged obscenities at the students this entire time. Calling the President a “homosexual” and using the term “Fa*****”. To this, one of the boys shouted, “But they are people too!”

The original version of the video that went viral included no sound, and was edited to fit the narrative that the young man had knowingly gone up to the indigenous man and attempted to intimidate him. But as the story came out, the same man, Phillips, has been a professional instigator for protests and has been seen antagonizing right-wing protestors in many instances such as the pipeline.

The Diocese of the school had originally condemned the boys and took the school off social media for the time. It has just been released that the school and some of the boys are planning to sue major media networks for slander.


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