New NY bill allows abortion until birth.

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This morning, Andrew Cuomo signed a bill called the Reproductive Health Act into law, and called for the One World Trade Center to be lit pink to celebrate the occasion. The bill states that a child can be aborted up until birth in cases of potential emotional, mental, or physical stress as long as there is certification by any doctor. An abortion is also permitted in cases where the fetus is not likely to survive birth. The previous law only allocated for abortions in times where the mother’s life was in danger.

So let’s break down this bill.

The new bill redefines personhood and secures abortion as a fundamental right. The new definition of personhood in terms of this bill is, “a human being who is born and alive.” This definition prevents the New York courts from recognizing human fetuses as alive and human.

Because the RHA no longer identifies a fetus as a human, someone who causes the loss of a fetus is no longer charged with abortion, or homicide. So, for example a man who punched his girlfriend in the stomach to try and cause a miscarriage, would not be charged with homicide of a fetus. Instead, this man killed a life, and would only be charged with assault, even though his girlfriend could’ve wanted the child.

Another feature of this bill, and quite possibly the most disturbing fact of this whole endeavor, babies born alive after botched abortions, will no longer be protected. Meaning, that after the child is born, and alive, it can still be killed if the mother chooses to do so.

There are conditions to this bill, however. You have to be able to prove that the fetus is causing emotional, mental, or physical harm to your health. Proving that a fetus is causing harm to any one of these is extremely easy, however, seeing that the inevitable hormones you face when carrying a child causes harm to all three of these. The bill also allows the excuse of age, economic status, and social issues as reasons to get an abortion.

The bill itself is a complete overhaul of the former 24-week mark. It solidifies abortion as a fundamental right at any time. Governor Cuomo stated himself, “With the signing of this bill, we are sending a clear message that whatever happens in Washington, women in New York will always have the fundamental right to control their own body.”


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