Supreme Court to hear first case about gun rights in 9 years.

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The Supreme Court has decided to hear its first case in 9 years about gun rights. The case concerns New York City, and the travel ban it has placed on guns. The case can be extremely influential in limiting gun control measures against gun owners.

In the state of New York, if you wish to carry in upstate New York, and New York City, you need two different gun permits. One for the city itself, and one for the state. If you have a license for NYC, you can only carry your gun to and from a range within the city, it needs to be unloaded and locked in a container. The problem here, is the “within the city” part. Your handgun cannot leave the city under any circumstances. If you have a vacation house in upstate New York, you need a separate handgun for your house up there, and another gun for the house in NYC. Three handgun owners from the New York Rifle and Pistol Association, are challenging the law and say it is against their constitutional right to carry and to travel.

The Supreme Court can take one of two possible paths. They can either overturn the fact that the city has to have its own license, and call that unconstitutional, or, more importantly, they can say that you have a right to travel with your handgun within the United States.

The implications of saying that a gun owner has the right to travel with a handgun anywhere in the United States are huge. For starters, if you have a carry permit in Texas, as my parents do, you can officially take your gun to New Jersey, California, New York, anywhere your heart desires. This could affect major cases, such as the case a few years ago with Philadelphia woman who accidently crossed into New Jersey with her handgun and was arrested and sent to prison.

As a result of this, many states may actually loosen up handgun restrictions or tighten them, in order to get them closer to a consistent law nation-wide.

The result would be a major win for gun rights activists all over the country. Many have been wondering why other states would accept driver’s licenses and wedding certificates as says the Constitution’s full faith and credit clause, (Article IV Section 1) but not a gun permit. That question has been frustrating gun owners for decades and it may now be resolved with the hearing of this case.

The main reason why this case is such a big deal now, with the only slight possibility the Supreme Court Judges will want to further delve into gun rights, is because with the confirmation of Kavanaugh, we officially have 5 conservative members in the Supreme Court. That’s a 5-4 majority and could be extremely influential in the direction of this case. The much-anticipated decision of the gun rights case should arrive in late June.


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