VA bill attempts to mimic the abortion laws in New York.

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The New York abortion bill went into effect this week. There is a lot of backlash and concerns over the bill, considering it allows a late third-trimester abortion due to mental health. Now, a bill proposed in Virginia’s Senate is now mimicking the bill in the sense that it too, will allow for an abortion up until birth in cases of mental health issues.

Democrats in the Virginia house today proposed a bill that could lead to an abortion of a child while the mother is in labor. Kathy Tran, the sponsor of the bill called the repeal act, states that there would be no limit in her bill. This means there would be no time in which the mother cannot abort her child.

The bill would replace the standing three-doctor law, that states one needs to have an ultrasound, have three doctors approve the abortion for the health of the patient, and be in a hospital for an abortion to take place. This means that a woman can have an abortion anytime, and anywhere she wishes. This could create health concerns for the mother.

While the bill is not passed, and is not likely to get passed, the fact of the matter remains. With bills such as the New York and now Virginia bill, abortions in cases of mental health or emotional stress is gaining popularity among the left.


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