Cory Booker going to run for President.

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The Hill posted about a half an hour ago that they have three sources that state Cory Booker is going to run for president. Cory Booker, aka Spartacus as he is called by the right, has been quietly calling democratic senators, seeking support and informing them that they will be running for president.

A democratic aide that talked to The Hill has stated that Booker is officially going to announce his run during Black History Month, which starts tomorrow.

Democratic Representative Frederica Wilson of Florida has confirmed that booker sent her a message. She stated, “He left me a voice message. I have to call him back.”

Cory Booker is set to join the ever-growing list of democrats running for president. He will join Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Howard Shultz, Bernie Sanders, and more.

Many on twitter have already jumped to point out that Cory Booker is announcing his campaign too late, and has lost a lot of potential supporters that could get him passed the primaries.

Cory Booker certainly has a long road ahead of him in the 2020 election race.


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