The SOTU address and the Democratic Rebuttal.

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Today, February 5th, President Donald J. Trump officially gave the longest State of the Union address ever. His State of the Union address celebrated bipartisanship, whilst sharing some partisan issues such as abortion and the Border Wall. His speech was overwhelming positive, talking about major things such as unemployment rates decreasing, and tax cuts and deductions given.

Stacy Abrams, took a more dark approach to the State of the Union address. She claimed that the President always lies, (which he has been caught doing) and claimed that he does not support minorities. Her speech was strong, however there was a tangible element of divisiveness, as she labelled those against her as Republicans and listed all the things the Democrats wished to accomplish. Her speech relied a lot among partisanship.

Trump gave his speech in the House of Representatives, with Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence behind him. This was a very traditional element to a very untraditional president. Abrams gave her speech in an unknown location, with a crowd of extremely diverse women standing behind her.

Both speeches were well-read and carefully stated. However, after such a historically positive and unifying speech, Stacy Abrams gave a rather negative note.


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