Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer of Blackmail.

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Jeff Bezos, a billionaire who owns the Washington Post and founded Amazon, has officially gone public with claims that the National Enquirer was blackmailing him.

The issues started one month ago when the National Enquirer published an expose on Bezos’ affair with a “So You Think You Can Dance?” host. Bezos officially published a post titled, “No thank you, Mr. Pecker.” Pecker is the head of the National Enquirer. In Bezos’ post, he claims that the Enquirer was threatening him with sensitive images of Bezos including a selfie of him in a compromising angle.

The article on Bezos hit shelves the day after he announced his split from his wife. The article called out Bezos’ affair and included intimate texts from Bezos to the former host. The authors apparently followed him and his wife for over 40,000 miles, documenting their eventual split. The article by the National Enquirer is said to be the “largest investigation in the history of the Enquirer.”

Many seem to think that the reason the Enquirer had targeting Bezos, was due to Pecker’s seemingly close ties with the White House, and the event could have been politically driven. Bezos has not made any comment to confirm nor deny the possible political intent behind this alleged blackmail.


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