Sen. Amy Klobuchar announces run for President.

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Joining the ever-growing list of those Democrats throwing their hat in the ring, today Senator Amy Klobuchar officially announced her run. The Democratic Senator from Michigan began her run in a way that is closely tied to her home-state’s roots. She announced her run for President outside in the middle of a blizzard.

Senator Amy Klobuchar is an outspoken critic of the President, and is frustrated with the previous government shutdown. She said in a statement, “We are all tired of the shutdowns and the putdowns, the gridlock and the grandstanding.”

Klobuchar’s main goal, should she be elected into the presidency, is, “getting things done.” She aims to work with those on both sides of the isle and prides herself on being a “moderate” candidate.

Klobuchar’s “tough as snow” technique is going to bring an unusual element to the 2020 Democratic Primaries.


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