Jussie Smollett attack being called a hoax.

Image Credit:informationliberation.com

Jussie Smollett, an Empire Actor, has been claiming that his was attacked one evening by two “unknown figures” wearing MAGA hats. He could not identify these figures as male or female, could not give descriptions of them but insisted they were wearing MAGA hats. Smollett had said that he was assaulted by these two figures, had an unknown liquid poured on him, and they then put a thin rope around his neck.

As information came out about the attack, the details and accounts Smollett was saying were not adding up. Evidence had came out the Smollett had left the rope around his neck, walked back to where he was staying, and after 45 minutes of waiting in his room he went downstairs and asked someone to call the police. He did this with the rope around his neck.

The police however, did investigate two persons of interest who also appeared on the show Empire as extras. Smollett’s phone records show that he was in contact with both of those persons of interest.

Police now say they can neither confirm nor deny the coverage saying that they are investigating Jussie Smollett and the two men for filing a false report, but with the evidence coming out consistently that the case was a hoax, some sources say it will just be a matter of time.


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