Opinion: The “fight” over the Border Wall

Image Credit: Donald Trump’s Twitter


The government has been shut down for three weeks due to arguments between the Republicans and Democrats over funding for the border wall. Democrats are saying that the wall is “immoral” and we cannot reasonably deny entrance to people who fear for their lives.

Let me just preface by saying this: I agree. And before anyone gets anything in a twist let me explain why. It is completely immoral to see someone needing help, when you are in a position to offer it, and deny them that. Personally, I think it is immoral if Michael Phelps saw a child drowning and refused to jump in to save him. That’s just common sense. However, many (notice the lack of the word “all”) immigrants are not fearful for their lives. Many just want a new and better life which we cannot blame them for, however, it isn’t our responsibility. Those who want to pursue a better life are welcome here in my book, that being said, we have laws and one has to respect the laws and sovereignty of the nation they are attempting to join. In other words, you have to come here legally if you want to be here. If you are a criminal, as in entering our country against our current laws, you will be treated as a criminal. It’s common sense.

I don’t think anything I just stated was too far off from what both Republicans and Democrats want. In fact I know that the majority of Americans can agree on that as prominent Democrats such as Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama have called for the block of illegal immigration as recent as the Hillary’s campaign in the 2016 election. So this begs the question, why is our government shutdown because of the border wall? The only possible explanation is the 2020 re-election.

Trump’s wall was the cornerstone of his campaign in 2016 and as far as I can tell, the only campaign promise he has not fulfilled. The DNC needs a win after it’s humiliation in 2016 when they lost quite possibly the easiest election they will ever have. They actually had a presidential candidate on camera claiming to have groped a woman. Politics does not get any easier than that. Because they still managed to lose, they cannot afford another loss to the same guy in 2020. As a result, what should have been a bi-partisan issue, is now extremely partisan. The Democrats are doing anything they can to prevent the construction of this wall, including slandering it.

A common critique of the border wall has been the fact that President Trump promised that “Mexico will pay for the wall, one way or another.” What Democrats fail to realize is that the “or another”  way of Mexico paying for the border wall, was the dissolving of NAFTA and raising the new trade deal in it’s place that is better for the American Economy. As a result, the savings of the new trade deal goes into the Congress bank and that is what will pay for the wall. After the wall is paid off, the rest goes into the budgeting for things even the Democrats can be in favor of, such as foreign aid. The math is there in support of the wall, the Democrats just take advantage of the fact there isn’t a single payment check from the Mexican Government.

It’s well-known fact that all Americans want to preserve the sovereignty of our nation by securing our borders. So why are we arguing over minute details like party politics and “who gets to call what a win”? Congress needs to shut up, buckle down, and get the *bi-partisan* goal of building the wall, done.



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