VA Governor denies blackface allegations, after apologizing for photo.

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Virginia governor Ralph Northam has been struggling in the eye of the media as of late. He first gained the majority of media attention with his support of the largely unpopular VA abortion bill (you can see the article here). Since then, his old yearbook photos have come out, showcasing him in an unflattering light. As seen in Northam’s 1984 yearbook, there is a man with a black face standing next to a man in a KKK hood. One of these men is believed to be Governor Northam.

Northam, when originally confronted with the photo, sent out an apology video, stating that the voters deserved better than what he brought to the table. He condemned the photo and the fact that it took place on his page.

Northam has claimed that it was not him in the photo, he stated that other people’s photos must have turned up in his side of the yearbook. According to Northam sometime today, it was not him in the KKK robe nor the man with the black face. However, he has admitted to “darkening his face” for a past Michael Jackson costume.

Governor Northam has since refused to resign, but has issued apologies and denials to the claim about his yearbook photo.


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